Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nail pops and cracks have begun

    Well, I was wishing and wishing for warm weather but it seemed that when we had our one week of nice weather it seems the house is starting to settle. I guess I was naïve all Winter thinking we had escaped the dreaded pops and general house settling. What I didn't realize was how quickly these things happen. There is no slow sliding of the nails it literally just pops.

 The capped wall upstairs has cracked twice and the kitchen is starting to have its own issues. The counter is separating from the wall. We have already told our project Manager and he had someone fix it two months ago but it has started to split again.

I understand that all of these things are normal and that Ryan Homes will fix it but its just a bit surprising when it starts.

We painted two rooms and the day it was done was the day I started to notice the pops and cracks so we will be holding off on painting anything else for another year. I just don't want to go over the time and expense to only have to touch it up or have something that doesn't blend well. Our ten month inspection won't be until the end of September so for now we will make our list and move our attention to the outside of our house.

We have been gathering our information from landscapers and getting quotes to see how much it will cost to put our yard in. We are on the curve of our cul-de-sac so our yard is in a pie shape. We have a nice tree line but its a little tangled and could use a once-over.

Ryan Homes builders that have put in yards or flower beds? Do you have any advice? Anything that worked for you or didn't?

Send me your ideas if you have them. I am also looking for a building guest blogger so if anyone is interested let me know. You can do outside tips, inside or even just guest blog about your building experience. Email me at if you would like to be a guest.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

All natural beauty products Giveaway!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

18" BBQ Grill Brush with Scraper - A Review

                  Spring is FINALLY here and so is the tell tale smell of neighbors breaking out their grills. I love that smell and the way it makes me long for warm weather, deck sitting and new grill recipes. My husband is an excellent grill man and takes pride in having a clean area to work. We are forever on the hunt for the perfect grill brush. When I was asked to do a review this past week on a 18" BBQ grill brush, I knew this review was meant for me.

               My grill brush arrived in my Amazon box and I couldn't wait to open it and get grilling. We had bone in country ribs marinating and we were ready to rock. After my husband was done cooking us our yummy dinner I asked him what he thought of his new grill brush.

My husband stated that he really did like the brush and that the bristles were strong. The way it cleaned the grill worked well. The extended handle was nice for when the flames were getting a bit high and the brush was very sturdy.

Things he would change - The brush head felt small, we have a 3 burner grill so having the head be a bit wider would have nice. Even though the bristles were strong, for someone like my husband that spends a lot of time grilling he didn't thing the brush would last all season.

Great value for the brush and the extended handle is a great feature. You can try this brush out from Amazon! Get Grilling and Enjoy the Spring.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Bench tutorial and Playroom Reveal

  We built our home over the summer and were lucky to move in exactly two weeks before Thanksgiving.  After we unpacked I wanted to tackle the most important room in our home.
The place where my sweet girls can make a mess, read books, play with their toys and have some girl fun. Our Playroom.  Our model had a room when you walk into our house via the front door. Most people would possibly use this room as a sitting room, but we do not have a need to put furniture in a room and then not use it. When we first saw the model of our home and noticed the room up front I knew pretty quickly that it would become a playroom for my girls.
Here is what it looked like with just the toys unpacked. Needs some help, yes?

I needed a way to story the toys and the mess so that my girls WANTED to play here. Also, regardless of being a playroom or living room, this is the first room someone would see when they entered our home. I needed something that would look really nice and orderly.
I stumbled across a cute idea on Mommy Vignettes and saw that she had made some window benches for a nursery and I loved the idea. WA-LA the idea for the playroom was born.
This was something my husband and I were able to do in under 2 hours on a Friday night after the girls had gone to bed and we made 2 of them.
Step 1 : Visit your local Ikea or order online for home delivery. The Kallax shelving unit can be found here. I ordered two of them and they were delivered to my home.
Step 2 : Pick out your fabric, board and foam for the actual seat. I went to Joanne Fabrics and picked out a cute pattern with multi colored polka dots. You will need to measure your bench for length and width and then get a little extra over your measurement. I almost didn't get enough and really had to pull the fabric over the MDF board.

Step 3: MDF board can be purchased at any local hardware store. Home Depot cut my pieces for me for free and they were cut perfectly.
Step 4: You need a piece of foam and batting. I couldn't find it anywhere except for Joanne and I thought foam was expensive so if you have seen it elsewhere that would be a good place to buy it. Do NOT get skinny foam. This is a seat and you want it to be comfortable. The batting is cheap and I thought it made the material look nice with no wrinkles.

Step 5: Assemble the bench seat. I laid the batting down and then the foam then the MDF board. I evened them out and then pulled the batting up and used my staple gun to attach the batting and foam to the MDF. Make sure the batting is snug.

Step 6: I took my material and laid it pattern side down on our floor and then took my partially together seat and laid it on top of the material. Once I had it even I began to pull up the straight sides of the cloth and once again stapled it to the board. You have to pull it tight or you will have wrinkles.

The only place that took me time was at the corners but after two of them it flew and before I knew it I had the seat part ready to be attached.

Step 7: You will need 3 inch screws to attaché the seat to the bench. I suggest measuring your screws first in case your foam is thicker or thinner.  Place the seat onto the bench and make sure your edges are even and it is on straight.

Step 8: You will need 10 screws. We did two inside each cubby and then two in the middle of the two end cubbies to make sure it was snug and wouldn't move.

This is what it looks like up against our double windows - We still aren't done. We needed some boxes that would fit in there. I love Ikea because they make something called a   
Drona Box and it fits the exact measurement. The only issue I didn't understand was that we were unable to order the Drona to our home (not sure why). These are $5.99 a pieces and for us that was really a perfect price because we needed 8 of them. Our shelves looked like this for a month until we were able to road trip to our closest Ikea (1 1/2 hours) away but I love a road trip and an Ikea shopping day so it was no big deal. The Drona boxes don't come in enough different colors for me but I managed to get something that looked great and added a little extra color to our playroom.
I love the playroom and still have some things to add but I love watching my girls stand on the benches to watch the snow fall or my husband shovel the driveway. When we have someone coming over they stand on the benches and wait for our guests to arrive. I can't wait to add more touches for my girls, my little sisters and friends in the making to enjoy their very own space to play.
We will be making another bench for our loft upstairs with some different baskets...Stay Tuned for a loft update...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Favorite Things Goodies Giveaway

Welcome to the Favorite Things Giveaway!

I am so excited to be working with 9 amazing bloggers for a Spring Giveaway.
With Spring coming and Mother's day around the corner we have gotten together to offer some great gifts. I am giving away something that works for both Mother's Day and Spring at the same time.
Ladies, Its time to start showing those feet again so my giveaway has all the things you need to get your feet ready for warmer weather.

1. 1 Pumice stone
2.  A pair of pedicure flip flops
3. A toe separator for easy toe painting
4. One pair Intensive moisture Socks
5. Heel to toe moisturizer for your dry winter feet
6. It comes in this cute Hobby Lobby Bucket
7. Spring chalkboard from Hobby Lobby 
8. 3 Sheets of Jamberry patterns ($40 worth) and the winner can choose their own patterns and designs.

I love Jamberry and they have such cute patterns for spring. If you haven't stopped by Jamberry check them out.

Enter below to win the Fabulous Pedicure Set and don't forget to stop by the other blogs for a chance to win their Favorite Things. Have fun and Happy Spring.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Max's Revenge - A Review

      This book was funny and full of mischief. I really enjoyed the story and the funny and creative ways that Max gets into trouble. Max doesn't always get into trouble on his own but his brother tends to goad him into some tricky situations.  This book is well written and funny and I will be continuing to read about the adventures of Max.

The first part of the book has Max embarrassing his parents at a wedding, making a scene and then getting revenge on his Aunt Evil. The punishment his parents come up with him at the wedding just leads to more mischief, he meets the groomsmen who invite him to "trash the car" of the new couple and gives Max the idea for revenge.

Poor Max seems to have a tough relationship with his Aunt Evil and when she is around he gets in more and more trouble. Max accidentally causes more trouble with his Aunt and then gets his revenge on her car. The trashing of the car and his partner in crime even leads to a teen romance.  Any child or preteen or everyday "troublemaker" would enjoy this book!

With his parents needing a parent break they are off to two weeks on a vacation with "no kids". The boys are staying with their much loved Grandmother and Aunt Evil is still in the picture. I don't want to ruin the story but in the end Max's plan backfires and will leave his brother with something to laugh about forever.

I loved the characters in the story and the description of overtired parents at their wits end. With a Dad who has run out of ideas on how to make a child behave, A mom still wanting to stick up for her son and a brother who enjoys the messes for his little brother the story has something for everyone!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gladly Giraffe - A book review


                        The Story of Gladly Giraffe is about a friendly and helpful giraffe who is there for everyone. Gladly is giving and kind and goes about the neighborhood  helping strangers and friends.

From letting a calf ride around his neck to helping a Chimp that really wants to ride on a blimp. This kind Giraffe always responded with "Gladly". Poor Gladly does get some strange requests and starts to feel that maybe he is too helpful.

When his friends start to notice how kind Gladly is, they start planning something nice for Gladly.

This story is about a giving friend who goes above and beyond with no request to big or too small.   The illustration in the story is beautiful and very well done. I like that the drawings lend to a more realistic animals and surroundings. I enjoy that Gladly travels so far and helps so many different types of requests and I enjoyed how the story ended.

I do feel the story is meant for older children and that the phrasing would be better meant for children four and above. Kids in that age range would enjoy the story, the moral and the beautiful pictures.

You can learn more about Gladly Giraffe by going to!